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Decking with Trex

What the heck is decking with Trex?  Per their website, ‘ Trex is the leading brand of alternative decking, railing, fencing, and trim products designed to maximize your outdoor living experience.’ ‘ Trex composite products are made of a unique combination of wood and plastic fibers. Trex gets its plastic and wood fibers from reclaimed or recycled resources. Including sawdust and used pallets from woodworking operations, and recycled plastic grocery bags from all over the country. The raw materials and resources are closely screened for high quality standards before they go near a Trex plant.’ Trex decking is environmentally friendly, and built to last. ‘The …

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Benefits of Screen Doors

Any Floridian will tell you that the two main things that got people to settle in that state are screens and air conditioning.  When it’s hot, air conditioning is a requirement.  But when you have mosquitos that rival the mocking bird as the Florida State Bird, screens are a must! But seriously, there are many benefits to screen doors…even in a milder climate like Northern California where there are fewer flying insects that can cause disease. Screen doors improve air circulation on a hot summer day, when the furnace heater is dusty, and when you’re cooking something highly aromatic in the kitchen. Screen doors allow …

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Gas Grilling vs Charcoal

Ahhh…firing up the grill. Nothing beats the experience, flavor, and sense of pride when you cook up the family meal on a grill. Still, which grill do you choose? Gas or Charcoal? Devotees can debate about it for hours, but there are several things to ponder as you contemplate buying a grill. The key elements of selecting your grill are based on convenience, flavor, cost, cook time, and clean-up time. Here are some ideas to consider as you select your grill. Gas Grill Pros: • It’s very convenient to start up and isn’t as risky to get started. • Women, in general, often will choose …

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