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Landscape Lighting Low Voltage and Solar

Any dog owner that takes his or her dog for a walk at night will tell you how pretty landscape lighting can be in a yard.  If you’re like most of us here at Friedman’s, we love seeing a beautiful landscape — day or night. Friedman’s offers a nice selection of low voltage or solar powered landscape lighting.  Our lighting that can help you with a variety of landscape projects: Brighten up a walkway Spotlight some trees and bushes Define your property’s border Set motion-detector lights to shine on gates, steps, and porches Whatever your landscape lighting needs, you can find it here at Friedman’s. …

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Controlling Insects and Home Pests

Ants, mosquitos, fleas, rodents, flys and cockroaches… When most people see evidence of these pests in their home, they automatically wrinkle their noses in disgust and head for the nearest swatter, trap or bug spray.  Others do their best to politely, but firmly, escort said pests outside of the house as quickly as possible. No one likes to keep company with a pest…insect, rodent, human, or otherwise. At Friedman’s we offer a wide selection of supplies that will help you control insects and home pests.  You can find your weapon of choice from organic repellants, traps, poisons, bait, and more to keep the insects and …

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Gardening with Mango Mulch

Mango Mulch Compost is a locally manufactured product made by Grab n’ Grow Soil Products and is part of our Greener Choice product selection.  It doesn’t have any mangoes in it, but it’s a terrific product for gardeners who want to grow their vegetables, fruits, flowers, lawn, landscapes, and pots & containers organically. Here is an excerpt from Grab n’ Grow’s website about Mango Mulch: “Mango Mulch Compost is our most unique and famous product. Listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production.  Its ingredients are like no other commercial compost and our composting process ensures that the finished product stands …

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