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Insulating Your Home–Tax-Credit Eligible Products

Did you know that there are Federal Tax Credits available for adding insulation to existing homes?  For you, that means cold cash when you can make your home more toasty warm. Home owners are eligible for a tax credit of up to $1,500 for 30% of the costs of qualified energy efficiency improvements made to their homes.  Therefore, if a homeowner spends $1,000 on new qualifying insulation, they are eligible for a $300 Federal tax credit.  This is a more generous credit than the previous tax credit of up to $500 for 10% of the costs. To qualify for the tax credit, insulation levels must meet …

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Hardwood Flooring vs. Laminate

Ahhh…..wood floors!  They’re beautiful.  They feel good on your feet.  You can dance on them.  They’re easy to clean.  There are so many wonderful things about wood floors.  That’s why they are so darned popular in both homes and offices alike. When installing a wood floor in your home or office, there is a growing debate about which flooring is better:  Hardwood or Laminate? Hardwood floors can add real value to a home because it is a naturally beautiful, non-allergenic product.  Hardwood flooring can come as pre-finished or unfinished solid wood cut from a tree, or as pre-finished and some unfinished engineered wood that is …

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Get Your Deck, Fence, and Siding Ready for Fall and Winter

Summer’s going, going, going…and we’ll soon get ready to head back to school and enter the cooler portion of the year. Fortunately, the rainy season has not started just yet, so there’s still time to get your deck, fence, and siding ready for Fall and Winter. If you and your family like to run around your deck with bare feet in the Spring and Summer, we highly recommend sealing the deck now to prevent future splinters and excess weathering. For wood decks, fences, siding, shake, outdoor furniture and most exterior wood, try using an excellent stain and sealer like the Superdeck® DFS Clear UVB Stain …

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