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Tips to Paint like an Xpert

Got a painting project in mind, but not sure if you should do it yourself or hire a pro? If you want to save money, you’re better off doing it yourself. However, sometimes painting like an expert is challenging and/or intimidating. To help you tackle your painting project with confidence, here are some painting techniques that will make painting easier. First Step: Get the necessary tools and materials from Friedman’s, including: Paint brushes Extra paint bucket Wood putty Wire wheel (drill) Paint rollers Masking tape Crack filler Sandpaper Roller tray Paint scraper Caulking gun Special V-shaped putty knife Wire screening Drop cloths Caulking compound Wire …

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Master the Art of Grilling

Nothing smells like Summer more than the wafting aroma of meat on the BBQ. When you hear the sizzle of the steak and your nose gives you cause for pause, you know Summertime is the time to master the art of grilling…and Memorial Day Weekend is the perfect time to jump in and get started! Do you have a BBQ grill? Is it time for an upgrade? Or, do you need some grilling accessories to make the job easier? We invite you to stop by Friedman’s Home Improvement this Memorial Day Weekend and check out our selection of outdoor grills. Regardless of your culinary skill …

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How to Select the Right Patio Furniture for You and Your Family

If you’re interested in designing you dream deck or patio, consider including appropriate patio furniture. Outdoor patio furniture establishes a comfortable and welcoming setting in your outdoor living space that beckons friends and family to spend some down time or meal time outside. With all the patio furniture selections available at Friedman’s Home Improvement, how do you select the right patio furniture for you and your family? It is important to choose patio furniture that will not only meet your practical needs, but also cater to your tastes and style. There is a wide variety of materials and textures to choose from when choosing patio …

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