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Tips and Tricks for Beautiful Roses

Do you ever take your dog or your family out for a stroll around the neighborhood and enjoy the beauty of your green-thumbed neighbor’s landscaping? We’ve noticed in our neighborhoods around Santa Rosa, Sonoma, and Ukiah, that there are some local yards that are tenderly manicured, thoughtfully landscaped, and covered with an artist’s palette of beautiful roses. A beautiful yard is appreciated by practically everyone, and roses are a classic accent to any landscape. We realize that not everyone who browses our garden supply department are master gardeners. So, to get you started off on the right foot with your landscaping dreams and wishes, here …

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Installing Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is an excellent choice for watering trees, shrubs and garden beds because it delivers water to precisely where it is needed. Plus, drip irrigation’s precise water delivery cuts the cost on your water bill by reducing water waste. Installing drip irrigation systems is easy and Friedman’s Home Improvement can provide you with kits and components that will be just right for your garden, container pots, landscaping, green walkways, window gardens and hanging pots. Drip applies water to the root zone of the plant at low pressure and low volume (in gallons per hour), making efficient use of water. Because water is applied by …

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