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14 Creative Christmas Project Ideas

Looking to get a little creative with your Christmas Trees? With a little help from Martha Stewart, here are some creative ways to celebrate the holidays and the spirit of Christmas trees. Many of these project ideas require Christmas lights, fasteners, tools and supplies, which you can easily find at Friedman’s Home Improvement. Follow the links to explore these bright and creative Christmas tree ideas: 1. String-Light “Wall” Tree With Felt Star Ornaments 2. Outdoor Hanging Snowflake Ornaments 3. Winter Fence 4. Icicles 5. Winter Flowers 6. Stars 7. Hanging Trees 8. Shooting Stars 9. Glowing Gift Boxes 10. Snow Lanterns 11. Outdoor Lighting Joy …

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Saftey Tips for Your Old and New Extension Cords

Planning to deck your halls with festive lights and decorations this year? Chances are, you’ll end up using an extension cord to help you. If you use extension cords, make sure you deck the halls safely this season by following safety guidelines. While they are a convenient way to supply power right where you need it, they can also create hazards if not used safely. Friedman’s Home Improvement encourages you to follow this simple guidance to avoid a decorating disaster: ● Do not overload a power strip by adding additional power strips and extension cords to it, for it could create a fire hazard. ● …

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3 Steps to Expand Your Garage’s Storage Capactiy

If your garage has become a collection point for all the junk that you don’t know what you do with, consider how to make your garage one of the most utilitarian “rooms” in your home. With proper garage storage and organization, your garage has the potential to make room for the holidays and still have room to park your car. 1. To quickly make organized space in your garage, install a peg board so you can hang your tools. 2. Attach a mounting rail with hooks to the wall to hang larger items like a bicycle. 3. Install shelving at chest level and above to …

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