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Lawn & Garden – The Family Garden – Gardening With Your Kids

Gardening with your kids in the family garden will teach them valuable skills about raising fruits, vegetables and flowers, as well as provide them with some wonderful family memories. When kids learn where food comes from, they will take pride in eating the fruits of their labor. We will learn how to plant seeds in a peat pellet starter kit to create an ideal environment for germination. When the seeds have been planted in the peat pellet, label your tray with the types of plants you’re growing and cover the tray with its domed lid. Keep the peat pellet tray warm with direct sunlight or …

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Lawn & Garden – Lawn Mower Tune-up (Deck)

Your lawn mower is one of the most important lawn and garden tools, so before you start mowing, get your lawn mower ready for the season with a lawn mower maintenance and give the lawn mower deck a good cleaning. Before cleaning the mower deck, disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug to make sure it does not start up while you are working on it. Read the instructions on the lawn mower owner’s manual for clear instructions on lawn mower maintenance. Being careful not to spill fuel, tip the lawn mower on its side and carefully remove the mower blade. Thoroughly clean the …

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Lawn & Garden – Fall Lawn Care

Fall presents one of the best opportunities for lawn care. Prepare your lawn for the colder months by doing fall lawn care to ensure a thick, full, beautiful lawn in the spring. The first thing to keep in mind is that Fall lawn care is different throughout the country. If you need assistance determining which fertilizers to use for your lawn, ask the friendly and helpful staff of Friedman’s Home Improvement. Fall lawn care includes applying fertilizer, getting rid of weeds with herbicide, planting new grass seed on bare spots and over the entire lawn, dethatching the grass, and providing core aeration. Thick, beautiful lawns …

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