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Protect your plants this from the harsh elements this fall and winter

Cloud Cover 1 Quart Concentrate and 10×12’ Plant Protecting Blanket is on sale for 20% off this week only! Want to protect your plants from the harsh elements this Fall and Winter? Friedman’s Home Improvement is here to help! We have a 20% sale on Easy Gardener Cloud Cover 1 Quart Concentrate and Easy Gardener 10 x 12’ Plant Protecting Blanket for this week only! Cloud Cover is a spray-on product that allows your plants to flourish with less frequent watering. Cloud Cover forms a thin, protective layer that allows plants to breathe, but reduces water loss. It helps plants during extreme wind, winter cold, …

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Be prepared when disaster strikes! – What you’re Emergency Kit should Have

Save this week on disaster preparedness products such as Emergency Crank Radios, Earthquake Furniture Straps, Tarps and Flashlights for up to 63% off! Are you prepared for when disaster strikes? As people in New York and on the East Coast are preparing for Hurricane Sandy, it’s time to take stock of your own emergency preparedness kit. Whatever the disaster — tsunami, earthquake, power outage, major storm, tornado, etc… — you should ALWAYS have an emergency preparedness kit on hand and ready to go! Here are the major items your emergency preparedness kit should have: Water—one gallon per person, per day (3-day supply for evacuation, 2-week …

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Quick Energy Saver – Weather Stripping

We are excited to announce that all Weather Stripping is 25% off this week! Why are we so excited? For those of us who like to save money, weather stripping is a quick energy saver Do It Yourself project that will help reduce your winter utility bills. Weather stripping seals air leaks around doors and windows. When your current weather stripping is cracked, damaged, or no longer pliable, your doors and windows will have a tougher time keeping out the winter chill and summer heat. Before applying new weather stripping to your home, you will first need to detect where the air leaks are coming …

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