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Selecting your decking material – Benefits of Redwood and Composite Decking

When selecting decking material in Northern California, you have two major choices: redwood decking or composite decking. Both are wonderful decking materials, and to help you select your favorite, our Xpert Advisors thought it would be a great idea to share with you the benefits of both redwood decking and composite decking. The Benefits of Redwood Decking: Redwood has been used for decades as decking, fencing, railing, pathways, and so on. That is why we offer redwood lumber here at Friedman’s Home Improvement. Here are some of the benefits of using redwood as your decking material: 1. Redwood is naturally beautiful. 2. Redwood is durable, …

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How to Install Landscape Lighting

When you want to learn how to install landscape lighting for your home or business, Friedman’s Home Improvement is here to help. The key to any successful installation is having a solid plan first, and our Xpert Advisors will be happy to direct you to the landscape lighting supplies you’ll need, after you have designed your plan. The Planning Stage: When surveying your yard or garden, you should take several things into consideration when planning your landscape lighting layout. ● How large is the total yard? ● How large of an area do you want illuminated? ● Do you want the lighting to come from …

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Charcoal Grill Cooking: The difference between Direct and Indirect cooking

Now that we’re full swing into summer, many people are in the backyard, creating wonderful dishes with charcoal grill cooking. Cooking on a grill is nothing new, but there are so many innovative charcoal grills now on the market, using either Direct or Indirect cooking methods. Direct charcoal grill cooking means that the food is placed and cooked directly over the coals. To evenly cook food using the direct method, food should be turned once, halfway through the grilling time. Most of the time, grill masters will cook using the direct method for less than 25 minutes on foods like steaks, pork chops, shish kabobs, …

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