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Furniture Facelift – Part Two

Welcome back! If you followed along with our last post, you’ve been patiently waiting for your furniture to dry, and now it’s time to finish this project! Remember to go back and review Part One if you need a refresher course – we’ll be here waiting when you’re done. Your furniture is now ready for the finishing touches. After a little little exfoliating and a bit of “make-up,” you won’t even recognize it! Ready, set… sand and stain! We’ll need a few more materials for these next steps: – Grain Filler – Orbit Sander – 120-grit and 220-grit Sanding Disks – Sanding Block – Detail …

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Getting Connected at the Petaluma Store


  In order to make sure our new store is fully connected, integrated and accessible we have installed 5 miles worth of cable! That’s the equivalent of 89 football fields, 3 Golden Gate Bridges or (for those of you gearing up for the Petaluma Butter & Egg Days) 140,800  eggs all lined up in a row! Stay tuned for more details about the new store!

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Facebook Exclusive Offer!

Coupon Expires 4/20/2014.  Limit one coupon per household.

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