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Furniture Facelift – Part Two

Welcome back! If you followed along with our last post, you’ve been patiently waiting for your furniture to dry, and now it’s time to finish this project! Remember to go back and review Part One if you need a refresher course – we’ll be here waiting when you’re done. Your furniture is now ready for the finishing touches. After a little little exfoliating and a bit of “make-up,” you won’t even recognize it! Ready, set… sand and stain! We’ll need a few more materials for these next steps: – Grain Filler – Orbit Sander – 120-grit and 220-grit Sanding Disks – Sanding Block – Detail …

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Furniture Facelift – Part One

Whether you’ve held on to an old family heirloom or just found an antique treasure at a flea market, refinishing an old piece of wood furniture can turn other people’s trash into your treasure! Your piece of furniture could be in good shape and may just need a little elbow grease and some DIY love to be its best self again. Today, we’ll go over the first set of steps you’ll need to make your old furniture new again. You’ll need to gather a few things… aside from the furniture, of course. -          Safety Goggles & Chemical Resistant Gloves -          Drop Cloth -          Paint Thinner …

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Gardening During a Drought – Drip Irrigation

The California drought is expected to continue, possibly intensify, well into the spring and summer season. As these conditions worsen, there are plenty of ways to conserve water around your home. Working with a low water supply or water conservation mandates does not mean your gardens have to suffer and turn brown. Wind up those hoses and invest in drip irrigation – your plants will thank you! Drip irrigation systems provide water and nutrients directly to the roots of your plants, resulting in effective delivery to the places it’s most needed. By delivering the water directly to the root zone, your garden will show more …

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