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Different Flooring Options for Your Needs

As you approach installing new or replacement flooring, you’re presented with numerous options. Friedman’s Home Improvement’s friendly & skilled Expert Advisors will help you navigate the available choices to ensure the perfect flooring solution for your home or office. Before you look at the various types of flooring, there are several questions you should consider. First off, what are the needs of the space? How will the space be used? Will the kids be running through it constantly? Will the occasional cart roll through? What about furniture? Where will it be placed and how will it be used? Is water a concern, either from spills or flooding? Will …

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Water Conservation: Interior and Exterior

In the hottest days of summer, it can be easy to forget how important water conservation really is. Your lawn looks parched, your gardens seem a bit droopy, and your kids may be begging to play in the sprinkler. You can still get all your water-loving jobs done and conserve water every day, inside and outside your home. Lawn and garden care should be done in the early morning, before the hot sun comes out to evaporate the water. Watering early gives the soil time to soak in the water and lessens the chances of evaporation. Soaker hoses are a great way to saturate your garden or smaller areas quickly and efficiently. Keep …

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Hall of Flowers: Sonoma County Fair July 23rd – August 9th

If you’re headed to the Sonoma County Fair this year to enjoy the food and festivities, don’t forget the flowers! Friedman’s is proud to be the sponsor of the Hall of Flowers again this year. You’ll be able to see gorgeous, colorful floral displays of all kinds. This year’s theme is “Barnyard Blossoms” and the exhibitors are sure to capture the joy of country living in their artful displays. From cottage chic to farm fantastic, the flowers of the countryside burst with color and cheer. In the Hall of Flowers, you can find your favorites blossoms and discover new blooms. Talented and professional landscape exhibitors have been working hard …

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