The Benefits of Drip Irrigation


When most of us hear that sound coming from a kitchen or bathroom sink, our heart sinks right along with it because we know it’ll affect our water bill.

Fortunately, drip irrigation has the opposite effect on your wallet.  In fact, not only does drip irrigation save you money, it’s a better way to irrigate over all!
There are many benefits of drip irrigation:

    • By watering a specific area with small, but constant amounts of water, it reduces soil erosion, reduces stress on plants, and encourages healthier plant growth.
    • The low application rate of water, combined with the use of timers, can greatly reduce wasteful water usage.  Plus, drip irrigation systems can be easily turned off during the rainy seasons.
    • Weed growth is reduced because the areas between plants are not irrigated.
    • Drip irrigation systems can be used in all environments–even in areas with rocky, sandy, and native plant landscaping.
    • For gardeners who want to “set it and forget it”, nutrients and chemicals can be fed directly to the plants in controlled quantities through the use of fertilizer dispensers.  In addition, water application rates can be tailored to fit each individual plant by the use of different quantities of emitters and emitters with different discharge rates.
  • Drip irrigation is environmentally friendly and more efficient than sprinklers or water hoses.

True, the kids can’t play in the drip irrigation system quite like a sprinkler on the lawn, but they’ll survive!

So the next time you hear “drip…drip…drip”, smile and think how much easier gardening is with a money- and time-saving drip irrigation system.

For supplies, advice and help with your drip irrigation system, come visit us at Friedman’s online or at one of our Santa Rosa, Sonoma, or Ukiah stores, where you’ll get the lowest price and local advice.

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