FREE Kids Workshop – July 4th


Join us Saturday, July 4th as we “Have a BLAST!” with our friends from the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County from 9AM – 12PM at our Santa Rosa store.  We will be creaking some chemical reactions that will explode with fun, so come on down and check it out!   Workshops are recommended for children 3+.

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Chill Out This Summer With Cooling Systems

Feeling a bit stuffy already this summer? Come into Friedman’s for a great selection of ways to cool off and chill out! We can help find you the perfect cooling system for your room or entire house to keep you feeling great even on the hottest California days. There are many different ways to cool a room, and you’re sure to find the ideal solution for your home, no matter your budget. For an affordable solution, stand-up fans are nice to have on hand and super portable. You can move them from room to room with ease to put them where you need them most. …

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Be a Water Saver!

While you may not be able to save the entire state’s water supply, there are plenty of ways to be a conservation hero in your own home. Just a few changes to your routine can have an impact on your water usage, saving money on your utility bills and helping the environment. Every little bit helps, and a few small adjustments can make a difference! Start by checking for any leaks in your faucets, bath tubs, showers, toilets, and outside spigots. Even small leaks can add up over time and waste large amounts of water. Repair leaks as you find them or consider upgrading fixtures …

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