Garage Organization Tips

Garages can quickly become the catch-all space for all that stuff you need out of the house. With tools, storage containers, seasonal decorations, lawn care items and more taking up valuable space, it can be hard to stay organized and keep everything within reach. But you can tame the tornado with a few quick storage and organization tips and make the space useful and clean. Who knows, you may even be able to make room for your car again! Keep seasonal decorations and items in plastic storage containers that are stackable or can easily slide into strong shelving units. Make sure they are well labeled …

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FREE Rain Water Harvesting Clinic


Setup your system now to collect rain later! Join us for our FREE Rain Harvesting Clinic starting Thursday, July 9th.  Current weather patterns indicate an El Nino winter is coming, and we want you to be prepared!  Bushman’s Rain Harvesting Experts will show you how to capture the rain to use for yard irrigation.   Come on down and check it out!  

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When in Drought — Check Us Out!

While you may not be able to save the entire state’s water supply, there are plenty of ways to be a conservation hero in your own home. Just a few changes to your routine can have an impact on your water usage, saving money on your utility bills and helping the environment. Share your water saving tips with us!

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