Quick Door Upgrade

  • Are the doors around your home looking tired?
  • Is the paint on your door peeling, chipping, cracked, or faded?
  • Do you need to replace your locks or door handles?
  • Would a quick door upgrade improve your home’s curb appeal?


If you have answered yes to any of these questions, consider a quick door maintenance upgrade with the help of Friedman’s Home Improvement. Whether you need door paint, brushes, tape, hardware, tools, or supplies to do your quick door upgrade, Friedman’s Home Improvement has everything you need.


If you’re looking to add some fresh pizazz to your front door, interior doors, patio doors, or even your garage door, here are some DIY Project Tips for a quick door upgrade.


Step 1: Dream up what you want your door to look like. Do you want to paint it? Strip it to its natural wood? Add stripes, molding, decals, or accents to it? Do you want it to pop or blend into the background? Write down your ideas so you’ll know what to look for when you visit one of our three locations in Ukiah, Santa Rosa, and Sonoma.


Step 2: Remove the existing hardware with a screwdriver. Bring the old door handle with you to the store so you’ll know what size you’ll need to replace.


Step 3: Remove the existing finish with medium-grit sandpaper. You can either do this by hand or use one of our many sanders for this task.


Step 4: Paint the entire door. If you plan to use 2 colors on your door, paint with the color intended for the accent panel trim tone. It’s best to go with two coats so that the wood grain doesn’t peek through. This double layer of paint will also serve as a primer.


Step 5: Assuming you’re using two colors, tape off the accent panel trim with 2-inch painters tape, measuring it well so you keep everything symmetrical.


Step 6: If any of your tape intersects or is not perfectly flat, press it down firmly into place so you can add the second layer of color. To ensure perfectly straight lines, cut away excess tape from corners with a utility knife.


Step 7: After checking to make sure all edges of tape are perfectly flush with the door, brush the door surface color onto the door with a paint brush starting on the center of the tape, pushing outward onto the door. Why? This will create a perfect line; brush strokes away from the tape ensure nothing creeps underneath it.


Step 8: Paint the door with the surface color very carefully so you don’t mess up your carefully laid tape. A paint roller will help with this task. Make sure to add enough coats of paint so the wood grain does not show through.


Step 9: Be patient and allow everything to dry. Once it’s dry, carefully remove the tape from the door.


Step 10: Are any touch ups required? If so, now’s the time to do it.


Step 11: Add the new hardware and finishing touches to your door.


Step 12: Voila! Sit back and admire your handy work. After you’ve had a nice, cool, refreshing drink, plan your next door maintenance project and return to Friedman’s for additional supplies, local advice, and the lowest price.

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