Control Mosquitoes

Summertime means mosquito season, and though we all love Summer, mosquitoes aren’t fun at all. If you have ever suffered from the seemingly endless itching and scratching of mosquito bites, you know how pesky those blood-sucking insects can be to you and your pets. Mosquitoes also carry diseases like West Nile virus, filarial nematodes, and protozoans like the parasite that causes malaria. That’s why it’s important to control mosquitoes around your home, and throughout the Wine Country region.

Fortunately, Friedman’s Home Improvement can help control mosquitoes with 6-pack mosquito dunks that are on sale for over 30% off this week. Mosquito dunks kill mosquitoes before they are old enough to bite. Use these mosquito dunks to control mosquitoes in fish habitats, contaminated standing water, or wherever water accumulates around the household. Place them in wine barrels, ornamental ponds, unused swimming pools, old tires, roof gutters, flower pots, and animal water troughs.

Mosquito dunks are a terrific way to get rid of mosquitoes, and with a savings of 30% off this week, you can do a lot to control mosquito growth around your home. Visit any of our Friedman’s Home Improvement stores in Santa Rosa, Sonoma and Ukiah to pick up your 6-pack of mosquito dunks today. If you have questions about mosquito dunks, or other ways to control mosquitoes, our friendly and helpful staff will help you find all the supplies you’ll need.

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