Perfecting your Wall Hanging: How to Hang a Picture

If you have a new painting or framed photo that you’ve been wanting to hang on the walls, but haven’t gotten around to it, perhaps you need a little help. At Friedman’s Home Improvement, our goal is to make things easier for you even if it means helping you with hanging decorative pieces on the wall.

There is not only an art to hanging pictures and other decorative pieces on walls, there is a science to it. You need the right hardware and hollow wall anchors to make sure your wall hanging stays put too. Here are some helpful tips from our Xpert Advisors 101 series on Wall Hanging Basics:

  1. Place a nail in the wall stud to better support the nail.
    1. To detect a stud, tap along the wall until you hear a difference in sound.
    2. Another way to detect a stud is by using a magnetic stud finder.
    3. Detect a stud with an electronic stud finder for the most accurate reading.
  2. If your wall hanging is under 20 pounds of weight, use a traditional picture hook or an expanding plastic sleeve holder.
  3. For heavier wall hangings over 20 pounds, use molly bolts or toggle hangers.
  4. Hammer the nail through the picture hook into the designated area on the wall.
  5. For sleeve anchors, drill a hole and lightly tap the plastic sleeve into the hole, then drill in the screw. Heavy wall hangings are best hung by:
    1. A Hercules Hook that can be pushed into the wall and can hold up to 75 pounds.
    2. A molly bolt, which has threaded sleeves that expand as the screw tightens.
    3. Toggle hangers which have anchors that pop out once behind the wall.

For help selecting the tools and supplies to help you hang your pictures and other goodies on your walls, visit us at Friedmans online or at one of our Santa Rosa, Sonoma, or Ukiah stores, where you’ll get the lowest price and local advice.
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