It’s the holiday season and you’ll be having lots of guests the next couple months. We’ve put together a list of quick projects to ensure your home is in good shape for winter and all your loved ones.

  1. Dirty work – Clean out gutters. Northern California is expected to have another rainy winter. Prepare for the rainwater by removing sticks, leaves, moss etc. from your gutter. Clearing the debris from your gutter will help rainwater drain properly from your roof.
  2. Rake & compost leaves. Deciduous tree leaves block sunlight, water and air from your lawn. Leaves can also create the perfect environment Rake them up and compost them. Composted leaves can be used as nutrient-dense mulch for other areas of your garden.
  3. Cut back dead or dangerous tree branches. As rainwater falls, dead or dying branches soak up with water. Branches can become too heavy and may fall during a windy storm. Protect your home and other areas of your property by Remove branches that may be dangerously close to your roof or other sections of your home. If you cannot do this safely call a professional arborist.
  4. Seal it! Keep cold air out and warm air in, with the added benefit of saving on your heating bill. Weatherstrip doors, caulk windows and fill in any gaps with foam sealant or caulking.

Tackle these four projects and you’re ready for a safe, warm, and cozy home this holiday season. If you have questions or need recommendations on supplies, stop in to your local Friedman’s. We’ll be happy to help you with the supplies you need.