Summer is finally here after a long wet, winter. Celebrate the warm weather and long days by hosting a great barbecue party. If you need help deciding what theme you want your backyard to be for your event, here are some fun options that can get your creativity flowing. Once you decide where you want your theme to go, below we have the best recipe for a fun-filled afternoon with your family & friends.

  1. Atmosphere – Make your outdoor space comfortable and fun. Use string lights, decorative pillows, and blanket throws in case the fog rolls in.
    Bamboo Citronella Torch
  2. Delicious Eats – Using the right grill can make hosting a breeze or a nightmare. Friedman’s Home Improvement is the North Bay exclusive retailer of Napoleon gas grills. See the grills in action at our Conquer the Grill event in stores from June 9-11.Whether you’re smoking a brisket, bbqing ribs over a gas grill or flipping burgers on a Weber you should be having fun. Pick an interesting recipe like “Lip Smacking Ribs” from BBQ blogger Diva Q or try one of Rob’s Smokin’ Rubs.
    BBQ Party
  3. Pest Protection – With so much rain this year, mosquitos and other pests have grown in numbers. Stock up on citronella candles and tiki torches to protect yourself and your guests from painful bites.
  4. Weather Proofing – Sonoma & Mendocino County can vary between lovely hot evenings or chilly, breezy nights. Be prepared with a good umbrella, shade covering or patio heaters. And don’t forget to double check your propane reserves.
  5. Sweet Endings – Finish the evening with dessert beside your backyard fire pit. You can build your own or save time and check out Friedman’s line of Napoleon gas fire pits. Laughter and stories are bound to jump out when you’re by the fire.
    Outdoor BBQ

With great drinks, your favorite music and good friends you’re ready to make long-lasting memories this summer. Stop in to Friedman’s for all your entertaining needs.