Are you fire ready? Keep your home and family safe from this devastating danger by following these simple steps to create a fire defensible space.


  • Establish Your Defensible Space – As required under law, your home must have 100 feet of defensible space. The area 0 to 30 feet away from your home is referred to as zone 1, and the space 0 – 100 feet away from your home is considered zone 2. These two zones require different maintenance steps, so it’s important for you to recognize where each begins and ends.


  • Keep the Area Closest to Your Home Clear – Zone 1 (0-30 feet from your home) should have all dead plants, weeds, and grasses removed. Dead or dry leaves or pine needles should also be cleared from your yard, roof, and rain gutters. All tree branches should be at minimum 10 feet away from your chimney and the branches of other trees. These steps all help keep fire from spreading quickly by removing fuel.


  • Maintain Your Yard – In Zone 2 (0-100 feet from your home), all grass should be cut down to a maximum height of 4 inches. Trees and shrubs should have plenty of horizontal space between them, and a vertical space of 6 feet minimum clearance should be made between grass, shrubs, and trees. When caring for your lawn, mow before 10 AM, and never on a hot or windy day. Additionally, string trimmers are a much safer option than lawnmowers to clear vegetation.


  • Be Informed – If you need any clarification about establishing fire defensible spaces, visit the website Ready for Wildfire. An official resource from Cal Fire, this website contains a wealth of useful information about wildfires and establishing fire defensible spaces around your home.


As a local member of the North Bay community, the safety of you, your loved ones, and your home is important to us. From the family here at Friedman’s to yours, stay safe, and make sure your home is fire ready.