Low Key Projects to Prep for Winter

Fall’s arrived and winter is on its way. With the change of the seasons there are plenty of things to get excited about in the next few months:


  • Enjoying the fall foliage
  • More time indoors with the family
  • The holidays
  • Relaxing in front of the fireplace
  • All your favorite festive food
  • … and so much more.


The cooler weather seasons come with more family time, celebrations and more opportunities to enjoy our homes. In fact, with the extra time indoors, the fall and winter seasons can sometimes feel like hibernation. And while we don’t spend the winter months sleeping, we can spend them making our homes cozier and more welcoming for holiday festivities.

Here are two projects that will help you prep your home for winter hibernation.


Update Your Flooring

Fall foliage and winter rains can bring uninvited guests like dead leaves and mud into your home, especially if you have children or pets. With carpet, mud and leaves can make a mess that is frustrating and difficult to clean. Instead, consider using the fall season to change the floors in high traffic areas around your home. The entrance, kitchen and living room of your home will become much easier to clean if you choose materials like ceramic, porcelain, ledgestone, hardwood, vinyl or laminate for an upgrade. Even better, it’s not hard to install yourself! If you need help, Friedman’s Xperts are always happy to give you tips and tricks.


Change Your Lighting

A change in the seasons also brings earlier evenings, which means light usage increases as the days grow shorter. This is a great time to consider changing the light bulbs you use. An energy efficient option would be LED lights. LED lights use significantly less wattage than standard light bulbs while remaining flexible enough to be used as a bright light or a softer light. When your energy bill increases during fall and winter due to using more heat and keeping the lights on longer, finding ways to shave energy costs down is always a bonus! If you’ve already changed out your bulbs you might want to consider updating your light fixtures. Different fixtures give you various ways to distribute light around a room or a home. This can be an affordable way to give your home a new, warmer look perfect for the cooler months indoors without having to do a big project like a remodel.

Friedman’s has a flooring and lighting sale 10/20-11/6. Stop by to speak with our friendly team members and get the materials you need to turn your “cave” into an easy-to-clean, energy-saving, warm and space for winter!