Backyard chickens are growing in popularity and if you’ve got a little extra room in your yard, it’s easy to get on the farm wagon. Depending on the number of chickens you are considering, you may not even need as much space as you think! In just a few steps and some supplies, you can build your own chicken coop and reap the rewards of chicken raising. If you’ve got basic carpentry skills, you can build a coop in as little as a weekend. More elaborate coops can be built with advanced skills and a little more time. Whatever you’re after, you know that Friedman’s has the expertise and materials to get the job done!

First, decide on the number of chickens you want. This will determine the size of the coop and the space you’ll need. Each chicken should have roughly 4 square feet apiece. Ideally, you’ll give your chickens a little extra space beyond that guideline to make sure they are not cramped and have plenty of room. Every coop should include an indoor area to sleep and lay eggs, as well as an outdoor area for fresh air and roaming.

Next, you’ll need to plan and design your coop. A coop should have key features like a perch, nesting boxes, and an elevated section. Having all or at the very least some of the coop elevated will keep the chickens safe from predators and ensure their feet are dry in wet environments. A perch provides an ideal space for sleeping and nesting boxes give the chickens a comfortable place to lay eggs. The coop should be insulated according to your environment with plenty of ventilation. You should also be able to easily access all parts yourself for cleaning and upkeep. Also, having a shaded as well as a sunny area for your birds is optimal.

You can find plenty of coop blueprints online, or if you’re handy enough, you can create your own. You’ll need materials including rot-resistant lumber, nails, posts, and chicken wire. Depending on your plans, you may also need corrugated tin for the roof, gate hinges, and fine mesh for an easy to clean dropping area. Make sure your plans include adequate ventilation and protection.

Chickens can be a fun addition to your yard, providing your family with fresh eggs. Chickens often become part of the family as unique new pets! Building them a quality home will give them a comfortable place to live, roost, play, and lay. Our Friedman’s Experts can help you with plans, materials, tools, and tips to make sure your chicken coop will be a successful one.

Be aware that each city and town may have different city ordinances pertaining to the keeping of fowl. It is important to know your zoning and possible set-back requirements and flock size allowed.