This summer, celebrate your independence by supporting your local independent retailers! With community support, these businesses can continue to thrive and provide a level of service and a selection of specialty products big box retailers just can’t match. Local businesses also help add a sense of community and that “small-town” feel we can all appreciate.

Supporting local stores puts in more money directly into the community it serves, where chain retailers send the majority of their money back to their headquarters or elsewhere. Without a tie directly to the area they serve, large retailers don’t feel the need to support the area around them. With local businesses, keeping more money in the local areas can often become a priority and drives the economy and helps enrich the whole community. Locally owned retailers can also utilize pre-existing space, avoiding new builds, large shopping centers and parking lots taking over important green space.

At Friedman’s, we are proud to support many community areas in Northern California, giving our customers helpful advice, quality products and a deep knowledge of the area and its needs. With your continued support, we can keep providing the great service you’ve come to rely on! We understand the weather, needs and unique qualities of our retail areas and can provide in-depth and targeted advice for any of your home improvement projects.

Supporting your local businesses helps keep the spirit of this country alive and thriving. The spirit of pride and independence, always reaching toward success. Your community retailers rely on you to keep pushing them forward to continue to provide the quality service you can count on and products and services you love.

The team at all of the Friedman’s locations is no different! We always look forward to serving you and helping you with your home improvement needs. Continue to show your support of local area businesses and keep independence alive by shopping with your independent retailers this week and every week!