Feeling a bit stuffy already this summer? Come into Friedman’s for a great selection of ways to cool off and chill out! We can help find you the perfect cooling system for your room or entire house to keep you feeling great even on the hottest California days.

There are many different ways to cool a room, and you’re sure to find the ideal solution for your home, no matter your budget. For an affordable solution, stand-up fans are nice to have on hand and super portable. You can move them from room to room with ease to put them where you need them most. By moving air around and adding circulation, you’ll be more comfortable during the day and at night. Quiet and efficient, stand-up fans are foolproof ways to get the air moving in your home.  When you install an Energy Star Rated Air Conditioning unit, it will use about 15% less energy than conventional models, which could mean a savings of about $85 over the lifetime of the unit, on average.

For even cooler solutions, air conditioning window units are budget friendly and easy-to-install options. If you just want to cool a single room in your house, these units fit inside most windows and provide that cool AC you know and love. While they aren’t easily portable, window units turn your favorite or most used room into the place to cool down on a hot day. Stay comfy!

Evaporative coolers provide cooler air flow with fewer environmental impacts, offering green power saving solutions like lower energy usage. While they’re not air conditioners, evaporative coolers can still lower room temperatures by 10-20 degrees. They are great for dry climates, adding water to the air as it cools for additional humidity. Several types of units are available, including window units for indoor use and portable, larger units for outdoor spaces like patios and garages.

Don’t sweat it this summer – come in to your local Friedman’s store today to browse our selection of fans, air conditioners, and evaporative coolers. You don’t need to have an entirely new HVAC system installed at a high cost and with lots of labor. You can cool down with affordable and convenient options that your whole family will love!