Start your grilling season off with a fresh workspace by cleaning your Weber gas grill of all the residue and remains of last year’s grilling successes. In just a few simple steps, your grill can look like new again and provide the great platform you need to create more culinary masterpieces. You’ll need to gather a few things before you get started. To see a step by step video on how to clean your Weber grill, click here.

·         Cleaning gloves

·         Warm soapy water

·         Sponge

·         Steel wool pad

·         Nylon terry cloth

·         Stainless steel cleaner

·         Putty knife

·         Paper towels

·         Stainless steel grill brush

Start with a cool grill and wipe the exterior with the soapy water, rinse, and wipe dry. Clean any stainless steel parts with the steel cleaner, using the nylon cloth in a side to side motion with the grain to clean, then buff to shine.

The inside of the lid may have peeling, but don’t worry – it’s smoke and grease buildup, not paint. Be sure to remove any residue on a regular basis to prevent excess buildup. Use your grill brush to brush the residue away, then wash with warm soapy water and rinse. Scrub away any discoloration with a sponge or nylon terry cloth. Use the soapy water and a scouring pad to scrub warming racks and grill baskets, being sure not to scratch surfaces by scrubbing too roughly.

Brush down the dirty grates with the grill brush, then wash with soapy water and rinse. Ensure you brush excess food from the grates each time you grill to prevent buildup and burnt particles. Remove the flavorizer bars and use your grill brush in an up and down motion to clean the ports. Brushing lengthwise will just move the particles from port to port.

If you notice grease or food particles in the cook box, use a putty knife to scrape them into the bottom tray. If you have heat deflectors, they can be cleaned the same way as your flavorizer bars. Remove the bottom tray and place into a trash can so it can collect any loose debris. Scrape the tray with a putty knife for any stuck grease or particles. Scrub with soapy water and a fine steel wool pad. Remember to change the disposable aluminum drip pan often, and never use foil as a drip pan replacement.

Keeping your grill clean protects its longevity and performance and perfects your grilling game. Take note of any worn or missing pieces, and head over to Friedman’s for any grilling accessories and supplies you need. Happy Grilling!