It is largely unknown that fall is a great time of year to begin planting your garden for spring. Both plants and the gardener benefit from fall planting. So why the fall? Here are a few reasons that make fall great for planting.

  • Warm soil and cool air – The high temperatures of summer have passed and cool days abound, however the soil temperature remains rather warm. Young plants are able to grow stronger roots in warm soil.
  • Less pests and disease – Many pests like leaf spotters and chewers are largely inactive in the fall as compared to the spring and summer months.
  • Less water stress and increased drought tolerance – During the fall, soil holds water better than summer’s high temperatures. Additionally, with 6-8 months of root growth, plants have deeper more established roots to withstand summer’s dry conditions the following year.
  • Moderate Temperatures for Gardeners – The cooler air means a much more pleasant planting experience for the gardener.

Hardy plants will have an early start to growing, so they’ll be quicker to grow and bloom come spring. So, what to plant in the fall? Trees and shrubs benefit from the early start. Blubs like tulips, daffodils, lilies and irises love the warmer soil. Fall is also great time for starting ornamental grasses and lawns. For the vegetable garden plant broccoli, cauliflower, leafy greens and other cool weather plants for a fall/early winter crop. Lastly, wildflower seeds like the California poppies and California lupines do great with fall planting.

Whatever plants you choose, spend time planting this fall to reap a beautiful garden in the spring. Look for fall planting savings in-store at Friedman’s through October 14, 2018. Check in-store for availability.