Quick Energy Saver – Weather Stripping

Why are we so excited? For those of us who like to save money, weather stripping is a quick energy saver Do It Yourself project that will help reduce your winter utility bills.

Weather stripping seals air leaks around doors and windows. When your current weather stripping is cracked, damaged, or no longer pliable, your doors and windows will have a tougher time keeping out the winter chill and summer heat. Before applying new weather stripping to your home, you will first need to detect where the air leaks are coming from and assess your ventilation needs to ensure adequate indoor air quality.

Many homeowners can easily apply their own weather stripping, but if you’re not sure which type you need, where to use it, and how to apply it, Friedman’s Home Improvement is here to help guide you to the proper weather stripping and supplies.

Types of Weather Stripping:

  • Tension seal self-stick plastic weather stripping — used to block drafts and inserted insided the track of a double-hung window, sliding window, and top or sides of a door.
  • Felt weather stripping — used with staples or glue to be tacked into place. Best used around a door or window that presses against the door jamb or window sash.
  • Reinforced foam weather stripping — foam can go on the top and bottom of the window sash, door frames, attic hatches, and inoperable windows.  Great for blocking corners and irregular cracks.
  • Rolled or reinforced vinyl weather stripping — attached to wood or metal strips, and can be applied to door or window stops, top or bottom of window sash, or the bottom of a door.
  • Door sweep weather stripping — usually made of aluminum or stainless steel with a brush at the bottom, and is applied to the bottom of a door.
  • Magnetic weather stripping — works similarly to refrigerator gaskets and can be used on both doors and windows on the top and sides.
  • Tubular rubber and vinyl weather stripping — shaped like a tube with a flange along the length to staple or tack into place, and used only on doors.
  • Reinforced silicone weather stripping — attached to a metal strip that resembles reinforced tubular vinyl, and best used on a door jamb or a window stop.
  • Door shoe weather stripping — made of aluminum and vinyl, it seals the space beneath the door.
  • Bulb threshold weather stripping — used for door thresholds and made out of vinyl and aluminum.
  • “Frost-brake” threshold weather stripping — Metal on one side, wood on the interior, it helps seal beneath a door.
  • Fin seal weather stripping — pile weather strip with mylar fin centered in pile, used for aluminum sliding windows and sliding glass doors.
  • Interlocking metal channels weather stripping — used around door perimeters, it enables the sash to engage one another when closed.


To get started, you’ll need to:

1      Measure your doors and windows to verify how much weather stripping you’ll need.

2      Weather stripping should be applied to clean, dry surfaces in moderate temperatures.

3      Measure the area to be weather stripped before making a cut.

4      Apply the weather stripping snugly against both surfaces for a tight seal.

Got questions?  If you have questions about weather stripping supplies or how to apply weather stripping, our friendly and helpful staff at our 3 locations will help you find everything you’ll need.


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