Nothing spruces up the look of your dining table like a beautiful bouquet, and what if you could create that beautiful centerpiece yourself? Building a bouquet can be easier than you think, thanks to Friedman’s expert tips and tricks!

Every DIY project starts somewhere, and this one starts with the vase. There are so many vases out there to choose from, I like keeping it simple with a mason jar so the focus is really on the flowers. Mason jars can easily be spruced up with a little twine or raffia for a more rustic look.

I like to keep my bouquets looking fresh for as long as possible, so I would suggest picking up some flower food to maintain the lifetime of your arrangement.

Next you need flowers, did you know that the more you cut the flowers in your garden the more they grow? So, if you have flowers in your garden, take advantage of the resource and do your flowers a favor by trimming off some of your favorites for your bouquet. There are many options out there for good flowers and greenery to keep in your garden that make for beautiful bouquets, today were going to be using leatherleaf ferns, eucalyptus, green hydrangeas and white roses.

The last thing you’re going to want to pick up at Friedman’s is some floral tape, we will go over how to use that later.

Let’s review the items you’re going to need for your bouquet.

– 1 Vase


– Clear floral tape

– Water

– Pruning Shears

– Green hydrangeas

– White roses

– Leatherleaf ferns

– Eucalyptus

(Feel free to use your choice of flowers and greenery too, I would suggest flowers and greenery with thicker stems to keep your bouquet standing strong)


The first step to building your bouquet is to fill your vase about 3/4 of the way full of water. Next we’re going to create a grid with the floral tape, the best way to think of this is like a tic-tac-toe grid across the opening of your vase. Place two pieces of tape evenly spaced vertically, and two more evenly spaced horizontally. I would suggest carrying the tape over the edge of the vase about half an inch on each side. After all four pieces are placed, take another piece of tape, wrap it around the rim of the vase, and seal the edges of the tape that’s hanging over.

Make sure to trim the stems of all your flowers and greenery, you want all excess foliage and thorns removed from the stems, and then trimmed so your stems are about the height of your vase.

Start designing your bouquet first with your greenery, begin with the leatherleaf ferns, place a couple stems in the center and angle a few stems throughout, with the goal of achieving a dome shape with the arrangement. The stems should be going in your grid squares, depending on the vase choice and thickness of your stems you may have about 1-3 stems per square. Mix up your greenery by adding a couple eucalyptus stems in the center of the bouquet, maybe 3 or 4 stems. By now you should have a full base of greenery to support your flowers. Now that you have your base of greenery, it’s time to start sprinkling in your flowers. I chose green hydrangeas and white roses for a soft springy look. Make sure to trim the stem of each flower at an angle prior to adding to the arrangement for the health of the flower. Remember, the goal is more of a dome shape, keep this into consideration while adding your flowers into the grid squares at various angles. I would suggest a couple flowers per square of your grid, keeping some slightly higher than your greenery.

Once you’re happy with the number of flowers you’ve added, and completed your bouquet, take a step back and see if its balanced. I would even suggest snapping a picture on your phone for a different perspective. Adjust as needed to keep that symmetrical overall shape, and once you’re happy with the arrangement find the perfect place to display your new work of art!


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