Is your kitchen & bath looking dated or did your new home come with colors and features you aren’t a fan of. Maybe you have been daydreaming for a while about a new dream kitchen & bath. Then it is time to head to our Kitchen & Bath Centers. Our Expert Advisors can help you make your dream a reality.

Before you begin your project here are some thoughts to keep in mind:

Energy and water saving appliances and fixtures: Your old appliances may work, but they may be costing you a lot of money and draining environmental resources.

New appliances are more efficient and may have new technological advances that may save you time and money. For example, if you purchase a low energy consumption ventilation fan with ultra quiet technology, you will save energy and money.

Always look for products that boast the Energy Star logo so you know you’re picking the best energy-saving products for your home.

You could also make other changes that aren’t as costly as new appliances like low-flow toilets, faucets, and shower heads or changing all of your lighting to compact fluorescent or LED bulbs.

These chances will save you money, environmental resources, and Friedman’s has many great energy saving and water conservation options that you wouldn’t have to sacrifice style.

Flooring: One of the biggest mistakes people do when planning their dream kitchen & bath is not paying attention to the flooring.

It’s the part of the kitchen & bath that gets the most amount of use and one of the largest areas outside the walls that everyone sees. If not done properly it can be very noticeable.

Both kitchen & baths need flooring that is durable, easy to clean, and can handle a lot of moisture. Two good options are linoleum and tile. Linoleum is inexpensive and provides an easy-to-clean surface and comes in countless designs. Ceramic tiles are more expensive but easy to maintain and available in a huge range, they offer superior durability, resisting most dents, dings, and scratches.

Wood is another option for the kitchen. If you decide to go with wood make sure you add a good protective finish to guard against all the spills and moisture that make it to the floor.

If you aren’t sure of your options come to Friedman’s and one of our Expert Advisors can help ensure that you get the most appropriate flooring for your needs.

Paint:  A fresh coat of paint can quickly update a room. The color you choose can set the mood of the room. Paint color can make a room feel calming or energetic, friendly or romantic. It can also visually change the size of your room. Consider a light color to make the room appear larger or a darker color to make it feel more intimate.

Whatever colors you choose make sure to invest in the right paint for the room. A bathroom has a lot of humidity so find a good satin or semi-gloss paint that resist mildew. In the kitchen, the walls may get dirtier faster so a semi-gloss is great since it’s easier to clean. However, if there are any wall imperfections you will see them better with a semi-gloss.

Paint can also be used to update your cabinets if you want to keep the existing ones. With a little DIY know-how and the right tools, paint can help you cut cost. You can remove, repaint, and reinstall the cabinets, then add new hardware for new looking cabinets.

However, if you are looking for new cabinets our Expert Advisors can help you find the right ones within your price range. No painting required.

At Friedman’s we are dedicated to helping you get your dream kitchen and bath. Whether you are just updating the look with some paint and new hardware or overhauling the two rooms with a remodel, we are here to help. Our Expert Advisors can make sure you get the right paint, floor, cabinets, and much more. You can always count on the lowest price and local advice at Friedman’s Home Improvement. Stop by one of our many locations today in Sonoma, Santa Rosa,Ukiah, and Petaluma.