Dim lighting isn’t just about setting the mood — it’s about conserving energy, too! With a few changes around the house and a couple of upgrades, you can easily be more energy savvy and improve your home at the same time. You can go beyond the simple routine changes, like turning off lights and appliances when leaving a room, and add in Energy Star efficient items to help control the amount of power used throughout your home on a daily basis.

Light fixtures and light bulbs using traditional bulbs can suck energy without you even giving it a second thought. By replacing standard or incandescent bulbs with high-efficiency compact fluorescent (CFLs) or light emitting diode (LED) bulbs, you will not only save energy right off the bat, you’ll also have to change the bulbs less often. CFLs last longer and come in the same wattages as standard bulbs, but use less energy. When updating your lamps and other light fixtures, keep an eye out for ones labeled with the Energy Star logo to save even more electricity while still burning bright.

If the windows in your home let drafts in, rattle in the wind, or are older than you, it could be time to replace them. New energy efficient windows keep the warm air in when you need it and out when you don’t, making temperature control much easier throughout your home. Your HVAC system will run more efficiently when the windows aren’t seeping out the heat or air conditioning you need to keep inside! Not looking to replace all of your windows yet? Adding heat control window film can also help with your temperature control and energy bills, as well as block a significant amount of UV rays from entering your home.

Power tools are also becoming energy efficient. By running on rechargeable batteries and providing long hours of service on one full charge, Energy Star branded tools are a great choice. Just as powerful as many of their counterparts, cordless and rechargeable drills and other tools make great choices when you need to purchase tools for your home improvement needs. With energy efficient charging stations and battery packs, you can feel confident purchasing new tools with an eco-friendly edge.

Always look for products that boast the Energy Star logo so you know you’re picking the best energy saving products for your home. Energy Star rated products go through a long list of government standards to ensure they are helping you conserve energy and using resources most efficiently. Friedman’s has a great selection of energy saving lighting, fixtures, windows, appliances and more to help you create an environmentally friendly home!