In the dark about how to install an outdoor motion light?

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Step By Step

  • Step 1:

    Before you begin this or any electrical project, always remember to turn off the power on the fuse box. Take down the existing light fixture by removing the screws that attach it to the house. Once the fixture is free, remove the wire nuts from the existing wiring and completely remove the old fixture. If a crossbar was used to hold the old fixture to the outlet box, remove it too.

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  • Step 2:

    The light in the video comes with its own crossbar, so for this example before you mount it to the outlet box insert the two threaded screws through the back and they will hold the light fixture in place. So, make sure that they're facing out when you install it. Once those are in place attach the crossbar to the outlet box using the mounting screws.

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  • Step 3:

    Once the crossbar is mounted, gently pull the black, white and ground wires away from the junction box. Connect the black wire from the light to the black wire from the house, Twist the ends of the wires together and secure them with a wire net. Likewise, connect the white wire from the light to the white wire from the house and again twist the ends and secure them with a wire net. Finally, connect the ground wire from the light and the ground wire from the house to the crossbar. The fixture in the video has a ground screw supplied specifically for that purpose.

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  • Step 4:

    Now carefully tuck all of the wires back into the outlet box, make sure that none of the wire connectors come loose and make sure that there are no bare wires exposed in the process. Attach the fixture to the cross bar by running the screws through the holes in the wall plate. Secure them on the front of the wall plate with the ball nuts supplied. Install the light bulb and the installation is complete!

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  • Step 5:

    Now you can turn the power back on and adjust the switches and settings to your specific preferences. To keep the light in top working order, you may need to clean the lens of the photocell with a soft cloth every month or two and by the way, installing a compact fluorescent bulb saves even more money on energy costs.

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Xpert Advisor Tips:Xpert Advisor Tips: Installing one or more motion sensing lights provides security and are low cost. They're reasonably priced and the savings on your annual electric bills can be more than one hundred dollars as compared to using two one hundred watt flood lights that run all night. There are several different styles and colors of motion sensing light fixtures to choose from. Explore your options and find one that works best for you, your local Friedman's Home Improvement store is always happy to answer your questions.

Tools & Materials


  • Ladder
  • Screwdriver


  • Motion detector light

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