How to:
Install Landscape Lighting

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Step By Step

  • Step 1: The Planning Stage

    When surveying your yard or garden, you should take numerous things into consideration when planning your landscape lighting layout.

    • How large is the total yard?
    • How large of an area do you want illuminated?
    • Do you want the lighting to come from electrical wiring or from solar panels?
    • Do you have dark areas that need additional lighting for security?
    • Do you have walking paths or sidewalks that need extra lighting to help keep people (and toes) safer?
    • Do you have plants, flowers, or trees you wish to highlight with landscape lighting?
    • Do you want an easy landscape lighting installation project, or are you okay with an installation that requires the assistance of an electrician?
    • Will these lights be permanent or only meant for seasonal use?

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    Select Your Power Pack

    Next, using graph paper design the layout of your landscape and identify the elements and areas you want to bring light to, using a flashlight can be helpful. Select the proper fixtures for each location depending upon function and style. Options include Down-lighting, Up-lighting, walk-lights, floodlights, Surface/deck lights and Low profile Lights.

  • Step 2: Select Your Power Pack

    Add up the total wattage from each light and select the appropriate power pack, all this requires is some simple addition. Select a power pack that holds more wattage capacity than the total wattage of all the lights.

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    Place Fixtures According To Layout

  • Step 3: Place Fixtures According To Layout

    Purchase cable according to the length required to reach all areas needing to be lit. Cables can be connected together for additional length.

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    Lay Cable and Attach Fixtures

  • Step 4: Lay Cable and Attach Fixtures

    Simply plug the power pack into an outdoor electrical outlet. Attach the cable to the transformer and run it through out the yard connecting each light at its desired location. Remember to leave some slack for re-positioning and the expansion of landscaping. Lastly, attach the low voltage cable to the power pack. Slit the cables slightly to allow each of the pre-stripped wires to be inserted into the terminals to make contact and screw the plates down securely on the bare wire. Everything is now connected and ready to turn on!

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    Turn System On and Enjoy!

  • Step 5: Turn System On and Enjoy!

    Turn system on to test fixtures and make adjustments as required before hiding cable. You are now ready to relax and enjoy your enhanced outdoor living area. Come see the lighting fixtures Friedman's Home Improvement has to offer! Our Xpert Advisors are always available to answer your questions.

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    The Planning Stage

Materials & Tools


  • Power Pack
  • Low Voltage Cables
  • Light Fixtures


  • Outdoor Electrical Outlet
  • Graph Paper & Pencil
  • Flashlight
  • Garden Trowel

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