How to: Build a Deck

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Step By Step

  • Step 1: Getting the Deck Ready & Placing the Boards

    Start with the frame deck, joist spacing a maximum of 16" On Center (OC) for residential decking when using 5/4 or 1" deck boards. Then, place your first deck board at the edge of the deck. At the end of the board, place a screw perpendicular at the recommended one inch from the board's edge and side.

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    Placing Fasteners & Getting Ready for Gapping

  • Step 2: Placing Fasteners & Getting Ready for Gapping

    At the boards end, place two fasteners. From there, alternate one fastener every joist in a zipper pattern. Take your next board and lay it on the deck. Next, take the gapping tool and place it in between the two deck boards. The gapping tool allows either a 1/4" or 3/8" gap between the boards. Trex decking must be gapped end to end and width to width. Gapping is needed for proper drainage and for the slight thermal expansion and contraction. Another reason for gapping is for the amount of shrinkage of the wood joist system. Following proper gapping guidelines will keep your deck looking great year after year.

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    Width to Width Gapping

  • Step 3: Width to Width Gapping

    A minimum required width to width gapping is 1/4" (When installing in temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, 3/8" is recommended.) For docs and heavily wooded areas a 3/8" gap is recommended as well. No gapping should ever exceed 1/2".

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    End to End Gapping

  • Step 4: End to End Gapping

    Trex decking must also be gapped end to end based on the temperature at installation. Below 40 degrees Fahrenheit end to end should be 3/16". For above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the end to end gap should be 1/8". When abutting a wall at below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, 1/2" is the proper space for gapping, For above 40 degrees 3/4" is recommended.

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    Enjoy Your Trex Deck

  • Step 5: Enjoy Your Trex Deck

    Your deck is ready to enjoy. Friedman's Home Improvement has all of the Trex Decking materials needed. Come by today and speak with one of our Xpert Advisors!

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    Getting the Deck Ready & Placing the Boards

Tools & Tips


  • Saw
  • Screw Gun
  • Gapping Tools (For best results, use carbide-tipped blades and router bits)


When drilling, periodically lift the bit out of the hole to remove the shavings. Almost all colored chalk lines are permanent except white. Baby powder or straight line dust off marking chalk is suggested. Sanding is not recommended because it will change the appearance of the surface of the Trex material and may void warranty. If you have additional questions about installing a trex deck, please refer to the trex installation guide at or

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