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Step By Step

  • Step 1:

    Put seed bed with the vegetables of your choice. Add compost and organic material just like any other garden bed and seed it as normal. Next, water it in very well and place a thin layer of straw over it (about 1/2 inch). Water it in again very well and this will help retain the moisture and prevent the soil from baking during those summer months. If you are afraid of wind leaving you with no straw left, place a floating row cover over the top and pin it down.

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  • Step 2:

    If you are expecting weather below the 20's, it is advised to put a few layers of floating row cover over the top for a 4-6 degree protection. Planting cabbage, cauliflower, kale, brocolli is a good idea in fall because you won't be dealing with as many cabbage moths and worms. The fall crop stays more mild so it isn't necessary to cover.

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  • Step 3:

    Timing is important. For example, if you want to start seeds of Brocolli it's best to begin in June. It's important to pay attention to the seed packet, look at the variety and figure out how many days it takes to germinate and how many days or weeks until you can set it outside. If you want to push the brocolli or other brassicas until October or November, place a few layers of floating row cover over the top.

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  • Step 4:

    A flowering sprout is a combination between brussle sprouts and kale. Instead of the brussle sprouts, you'll have miny Kales coming out on the side. But just like brussle sprouts, you can just leave it well past freezes because the more freezes you get the tastier it is. Depending on how cold the weather is, you can be picking off the leaves for kale chips and other yummy things well into winter.

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  • Step 5:

    Grow normal kale and brussel sports the same way as step 4. These last a long time into winter and should be one of the last things you pull out of the garden because the cold makes it sweeter and sweeter. I hope this helps with ideas of what you can plant in the fall, Its a fun time to garden. It's really nice to keep picking throughout the season until winter finally comes and says that's enough for now.

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Xpert Advisor Tips: The hardest part about planting for fall is dealing with the summers heat and keeping the seeds moist enough to germinate. The great thing about planting in fall is that the soil is already warm. Follow these steps to keep your garden thriving.

Tools & Materials


  • Watering Can or Hose
  • Floating Row Cover


  • Seeds of Your Choice

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