Bosch Builds on Tradition of Excellence with New Line of Jig Saws

BoschFriedman’s Home Improvement prides itself on the tools and supplies we provide the professional craftsman, the DIY handyman, the workshop weekender, and the crafty creator. With that said, Bosch tools is offering a new line of jig saws that are now available at Friedman’s.

Bosch has an excellent reputation for their tools. From their saws and drills to the hammers and cordless power tools Bosch makes, not to mention the cool accessories (like the worksite power box with the built in AM/FM radio), it’s no wonder Bosch has added a whole line of jig saws.

If you’re in the mood to make an artsy wall puzzle or need to cut some tight curves, Bosch’s jig saws are an excellent addition to any wood worker’s workshop. Jig saws are perfect for cutting stenciled designs or custom shapes out of wood, metal, and other materials. Typically jig saws are specially used for artsy designs because they can cut curves, where as most saws can only cut straight lines.

If you’re looking to do a cool art project with friends and your new Bosch jig saw, here’s a really fun party idea that you can stretch over the course of 3 weeks:

Super neat tip!: Don’t tell your friends what you’re doing. Have them go along with the project and let it all be a surprise in the end.

What you’ll need for your “Secret” Artsy Wall Puzzle:

Sketch paper and pencils

Carpenter’s pencil for tracing shapes onto the plywood

2 sheets of 3 foot x 3 foot plywood (one for the puzzle, and one for mounting on the wall)

1 Bosch jig saw

Oil or acrylic paint and small paint brushes

Velcro with sticky tape

Bosch Jigsaw

Week 1 / Step 1: Have your friends draw a 2 dimensional object on a piece of paper and collect them all. You will then take all of these shapes and transfer them onto a 3 foot x 3 foot piece of plywood. Yes, there will be some odd shapes in between the 2 dimensional drawings, and that’s fine. Use your Bosch jig saw to cut out all the different shapes from your 3’ x 3’ plywood. When finished, trace the same pattern onto the mounting board to make it easier on yourself, but don’t cut the mounting board! Helpful hint: Mark which side is “up” as the correct side that fits into the puzzle.

Week 2 / Step 2: Hand each friend a random piece from your plywood jig saw puzzle and ask each person to paint theiry piece as they see it, on the side that’s marked “up”. They can take it home and paint to their heart’s desire, or they can paint the pieces as a group together. Helpful hint: Tell them to get as creative as they wish. Paint the shapes as they see them. Perhaps that shape resembles an airplane or a hippopotamus, so let them paint what they see.

Week 3 / Step 3: Before your friends bring their painted pieces to you, bring out your 3’ x 3’ mounting board and your Velcro sticky tape. When your friends do a “show and tell” and reveal each piece, add the Velcro sticky tape to the back of each piece and place in the traced shape that matches it on the mounting board. When it’s finished, you’ll have a very creative community wall art puzzle. Mount it on your wall as a reminder to all your friends that their art is now on proud display in your home.

For advice on Bosch’s new line of jig saws and other power tools, saws, hammers, and project supplies, seek out one of our friendly Team Member’s at Friedman’s Home Improvement. Either visit us at Friedman’s online or at one of our Santa Rosa, Sonoma, or Ukiah stores, where you’ll get the lowest price and local advice.

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