The weather is getting warmer and our days are getting longer. It’s time to get your backyard in shape for BBQ’s, bonfires and summer reading. Are you investing in new patio furniture this year? All the choices can be a bit overwhelming and sometimes it’s just plain difficult to know where to start. At Friedman’s Home Improvement we have patio collections in wicker resin, aluminum and teak. We’ll breakdown the benefits of each option to help you find the best patio set for your backyard.

Wicker Resin

Wicker resin is typically made of PVC or another synthetic material. This resin material has many benefits including its easy maintenance and water-resistant qualities. Wicker resin will not mold or mildew, and is able to withstand the Northern California rainy season. It’s easy to clean with a damp cloth or just the spray of the hose. You may need to repair bent and broken reeds overtime, however this 30 second video proves that it’s a quick and easy fix.

Wicker resin offers a similar look and feel to natural wicker and falls into a more traditional style theme. The wicker resin sets can oftentimes be more affordable than other patio sets.


Patio furniture made from aluminum is much lighter than its counterpart, wrought iron, so it’s easier to move around or store when not in use. Aluminum will not rust, but it does oxidize and is susceptible to salts. If you live on California’s beautiful coast, then this would not be your best option.

Aluminum does require a little more maintenance, but can be easily kept up with a damp cloth and scratches can always be repaired with some sand paper and Rustoleum spray paint.

The nature of the aluminum metal lends to the Contemporary style and a few of the Friedman’s Home Improvement aluminum sets have clean edges and straight lines well-known with the modern silhouette.


Teak is a timeless classic in outdoor furniture. The high mineral content is resistant to rot and as an added bonus, the oil is a natural insect repellant! Teak’s strength and density can endure lots weight and will not warp, crack or become brittle from the elements. It can withstand all types of harsh weather including rain, hail and wind. This is why teak is often seen at spas, ski lodges and swimming pools.

When caring for teak, the wood easily wipes clean and a bi-annual polishing with teak oil is all that’s required. Overtime teak can turn into a beautiful patina grey.

If you are looking for a lifetime patio set, then teak is your best option. Teak furniture is a great value as it will last many, many years and can be resold at close to its original price. Lastly, teak will naturally decompose, so you can feel good knowing it will not take up space in the landfill.


Another eco-friendly option is eucalyptus sets. Eucalyptus offers many of the same befits as teak, with a more affordable price tag. These sets will not outlive teak’s long lifespan, but that may be a benefit if you don’t want to commit to 30 years with teak. Eucalyptus is sustainably harvested on plantations and will also decompose naturally.

When considering your purchase of a patio set; determine your style, understand how much maintenance you want to undertake and lastly take your local weather into consideration. Pick a set that is right for you and mix and match chairs, chaises, sofas to create the perfect setting for all your backyard entertaining. Check out our 2018 Outdoor Living Guide for our patio collections and stop by the store to see them in person.