Here at Friedman’s, we strive to provide you state of the art tools and equipment to make your home improvement projects as stress-free as possible. Today, we’re proud to announce that we are the first in North Bay area to have the all-new DeWalt Flexvolt™ line of power tools – a total game changer that gives DeWalt’s powerful, reliable power tools complete portability.


All DeWalt Flexvolt™ line tools are completely cordless, powered solely by the technologically advanced and incredibly powerful lithium-ion DeWalt Flexvolt™ 60V batteries. From the completely cordless 120V Max 12” Sliding Miter Saw that gets up to 289 cuts per charge, to the 60V Max 1/2” VSR Stud & Joist drill that can perform a whopping 138 holes per charge, the entire Flexvolt™ line gives you the enormous power of a corded tool with the portable convenience and freedom of a battery-powered tool. Imagine total workspace freedom – your tools, fully powered whenever and wherever you need them.


Best of all, all Flexvolt™ batteries are completely backwards-compatible across the DeWalt 20V Max line, so you don’t have to give up your existing tools and invest in a whole new system. With the innovative ability to automatically detect what voltage needs to be used, a 60V Flexvolt™ battery can easily be used with a 20V DeWalt Max tool to power it, and deliver four times the runtime. Use the tried and true reliability and power of DeWalt’s 20V Max line of power drills/drivers, impact drivers and wrenches, grease gun, framing nailers, and more, for much longer than their standard 20V battery allows. The 20V Max line of DeWalt tools are durable, strong, and fast, and now they can give you even more with Flexvolt™.


Experience the revolutionary advantage in efficiency, power, and freedom a totally cordless jobsite gives you for your next construction or home improvement project. And as always, the knowledgeable Friedman’s staff is here to give you advice, direction, and to answer any questions you have about our products or your next project. They’ll set you up with the perfect DeWalt Flexvolt™ tool for your job, so you can spend less time shopping and more time doing.


As a proud partner of DeWalt tools, we’re pleased to be one of the first to provide you with this amazing new, innovative technology that gives you a whole new way to get the job done. See the incredible DeWalt Flexvolt™ line in action below: