Garages can quickly become the catch-all space for all that stuff you need out of the house. With tools, storage containers, seasonal decorations, lawn care items and more taking up valuable space, it can be hard to stay organized and keep everything within reach. But you can tame the tornado with a few quick storage and organization tips and make the space useful and clean. Who knows, you may even be able to make room for your car again!

Keep seasonal decorations and items in plastic storage containers that are stackable or can easily slide into strong shelving units. Make sure they are well labeled and the labels face out so they can be easily accessible with the right season comes along. You can even tape a list of the items inside each container to save you time sifting through multiple boxes trying to find one or two items. Cooking equipment, camping gear or sporting goods can also be stored this way!

If you have a lot of tools laying around on a tool bench, consider hanging a pegboard. Hanging tools above your workspace not only gives you more room to work, but keeps your tools within reach all the time and easily findable.

Get bikes, scooters and other equipment up off the floor and hang them from the walls or from hooks on the ceiling, freeing up the floor space for larger, heavier items. Extra floor space also makes it easier to park your vehicle as well as get in and out of it.

Storing similar items in the same spot will save you time and effort of searching for things when you need them. Always be sure to keep toxic items unreachable from children and pets, either on a high shelf or in secured cabinets.

In just a weekend’s time, you can have a garage to be proud of! When it’s clean and organized, you’ll save time on tasks and chores by not needing to waste time searching for the items you need. A little time spent now can save you a lot of time in the future! So roll up those sleeves and get into the garage. If you need new shelving units, storage containers, or more organization ideas, stop by any of our Friedman’s locations to talk to one of our experts!