Happy almost 2017! We hope the holiday season allowed you and your loved ones to feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Did you make any big New Year’s resolutions? Well, at Friedman’s we most certainly did. In the New Year, we want to make sure that we are connected to our customers and our community more than ever. How exactly are we going to go about doing that? Allow us to announce a few updates that we have coming up for 2017:


Finished at Friedman’s #ProjectWin

Over the years, we’ve come to learn how talented so many of the DIY builders and contractors that shop with us are. And we want to start showcasing your talents. Simply post on our Facebook page or email us with a picture of something you created using Friedman’s supplies. Don’t forget to share your first name, your city, and what store you purchased your materials at. We will be posting pictures once a month.



If you weren’t aware, on the first Saturday of every month, Friedman’s hosts a KidsWorks event at our Santa Rosa store. Done in partnership with the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County, our KidsWorks events allow kids to have fun learning more about the world around them, while also making pretty great crafts. For January, kids will be creating musical instruments! Stop by the Santa Rosa store January 7th 9 am-12 pm

More Events

Because of the overwhelming attendance we have had at our Friedman’s sponsored events, we are committed to creating more opportunities in 2017 to engage with you and the community by hosting even more events! Make sure to like our Facebook page and follow our event updates so you can participate. In the spirit of events, Saturday, January 14th, we will be hosting a Bare Root Fruit Tree Clinic where you can learn how to select, and care for your fruit trees.