The sun is peeking out and your garden is calling.  It’s time to start digging…  Let Friedman’s help you get your garden started.

Soil Prep

Growing VegetablesEarly Spring is the perfect time to get your soil prepped and to map out what you want to plant later in the season.

1. Add soil amendments and Till and Turn

Come on down and grab a few bags of Fox Farm’s Ocean Forest potting soil or Fox Farm’s Happy Frog Soil Conditioner. Using a garden fork, or a rototiller for bigger projects, mix your amendments into the soil.

2. Check your drip system and sprinklers

Now is the time to test all your drip irrigation and sprinkler systems. Spend time in your garden and consider adding drip where needed.  Our garden experts can help you design an irrigation system that best suits your needs.

3. Design your Garden

Outline your garden with string and stakes.  Stop by and pick up a few garden labels to label and stake where you want to plant your herbs, flowers and veggies.   Come choose from an array of gardening books and learn how to companion plant.

Planting Timeline

Starting seeds indoors is recommended for some crops–be sure to check the instructions on your seed packets! Here’s a handy schedule for when you can plant each species:
Spring Vegetable Gardening

  • Beans: August – September
  • Beets: September – March
  • Broccoli: August – February
  • Brussels Sprouts: September – November
  • Cabbage: September – February
  • Carrots: September – March
  • Cauliflower: August – October
  • Chinese Cabbage: October – February
  • Sweet Corn: March – April
  • Cucumbers: February – April
  • Eggplants: February – July
  • Endive: February – March
  • Kohlrabi: September – March
  • Leeks: September – March
  • Lettuce: February – March
  • Okra: March – July
  • Onions: September – December
  • Parsley: September – March
  • Peas: March – August
  • Peppers: February – April
  • Sweet Potatoes: March – June
  • White Potatoes: January – March
  • Spinach: October – November
  • Summer Squash: March – April
  • Winter Squash: March
  • Tomatoes: February – April
  • Turnips: January – April
  • Watermelons: March – April

With a little preparation and planning, you can have a garden full of beautiful, healthful veggies all spring long. Happy planting!