It’s time to take over as the best dressed house on the block! Make sure you’re ready for the decorating season and arm yourself with everything you need to make your displays and holiday lights perfect. Friedman’s has the supplies and unique new items to make your house brighter than the Griswold’s – and with LEDs, you won’t even drain the town power supply!

We have the North Bay’s largest selection of holiday lighting, including traditional bulbs, LEDs, globe lights, minis, and more! If you like icicle lights, color changing lights, and nets for fast, easy shrubbery coverage, we’ve got all that, too!

We even have an exclusive product that will have your neighbors knocking at your door to find out where you got it (you don’t have to tell them if you don’t want to!). Really Big Lights are just that – really big lights! Over a foot in length apiece, these giant “bulbs” will be a great addition and conversation piece of your holiday lighting!

When you’re untangling last year’s strands, you may find a few broken, missing, or unlit bulbs. Don’t just toss the whole mess away. We have replacement bulbs and LED repair tools to help salvage those malfunctioning strands to give you more seasons of brilliant lights. We carry repair kits for all kinds of lighting and Christmas trees to make it easier to save money and waste less product by reusing prior year’s equipment.

Friedman’s also has an assortment of lighting kits available – perfect for the novice decorator. These kits can vary, allowing you to get the one that best suits your needs and often include all the lights, clips, hooks, and replacement bulbs you need for easy installation. If you love those trees made of strands of light but don’t think you have the time to build it? You don’t have to! Easy Pole Trees set up in minutes and create a bright and festive display with a single extension cord.

You can make your house a holiday stunner in just a single afternoon, as long as you come into any of our stores first. We’ll show you everything you need to create the winter scene of your dreams, complete with tips and tricks to make it a fun Holiday project to complete!