Chimney Sweeping

Not many people know how to clean out their chimneys and fireplaces, so here at Friedman’s Home Improvement, we thought we’d give you a little how-to tutorial.

To get ready for your chimney sweeping project, make sure you have the following items:

  • a Creosote Sweeping Log
  • a respirator mask
  • a tarp to cover your floor
  • your Professional’s Choice Heavy Duty Chimney Brush
  • a shop vacuum
  • some Chimfex
  • knee pads (optional)
  • a bucket to collect waste you can’t vacuum up

Chimney-SweepFirst, burn a Creosote Sweeping Log.  An evening in front of the fire can be relaxing, but danger may be lurking in your fireplace.  Each time you use your fireplace, creosote deposits can build up.  These creosote deposits can cause a chimney fire if not removed.  You and your family will greatly benefit–safety-wise and heating efficiency-wise–if you frequently remove these deposits with a creosote sweeping log.

Next, get ready to use your respirator mask, lay down your tarp  making sure to drape is as of your fireplace opening as possible to control dust and soot , get out your shop vacuum, and your Professional’s Choice Heavy Duty Chimney Brush.  Professional’s Choice Chimney Brushes are the moderately priced chimney brushes that are rugged enough to stand the everyday demands of the busy sweep. The single spiral 0.177 dia. spindle designed with a heavy-duty plated 3/8″ thread double swaged fitting produces a brush that will take abuse and be ready for more.  They are made with high density oil tempered 22 gauge 0.0286″ wire bristles.

From the fireplace, you will run the chimney brush up the flue and add extension rods to make the brush sweep the entire length of the chimney.  Don’t be surprised if you dislodge soot, deposits, and bird nests or guano.   Once finished, fold your tarp into itself to contain as much of the dust as possible and throw excess waste into the bucket and use the shop vacuum to clean up the area, for you don’t want your loved ones complaining that you ruined the floors during your project.

Lastly, keep a Chimfex on hand.  Chimfex is a wood-burning heater and fireplace chimney fire suppressant.  It is the first line of defense for combating chimney fires and replaces the oxygen so that a chimney fire will be smothered.  It makes good safety sense to have a Chimfex located near your fireplace so you can act quickly and prevent further fire damage to your home.

Friedman’s Home Improvement carries these products and we’ll be happy to get you set up to sweep your chimney clean.  Come visit us at Friedman’s online or at one of our Santa Rosa, Sonoma, or Ukiah stores, where you’ll get the lowest price and local advice.

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