Begin the New Year with a fresh start and a clean slate with an organized house. A few inexpensive tips and tricks can declutter, simplify, and refresh your home into a happy space. Make it one of your resolutions to get organized and reduce the stress and mess in 2016!

Your closet is the perfect place to get started. Reorganizing your closet and getting rid of clothing, shoes, and accessories you no longer need or wear can free up space and reduce the mess. Hanging shelf units, add-ons to hangers to increase storage, and see through shoe boxes all make storing and finding items easy. Hangers designed for belts, ties, or accessories can make finding the right piece easy and keep things neat and tidy. Shower curtain rings are ideal for hanging scarves for easy access. Vacuum or space saver bags work great for storing seasonal clothes without taking up a ton of extra room. If you have a wasted corner in a walk-in closet, hanging a tiered kitchen basket makes a great place for items like sock and other small items! Using the same type of hanger throughout the closet will also avoid the mess and jumble of wood, wire, and plastic and will make it look professional and clean.

You bathroom can be a hurricane of activity, with the aftermath strewn about. A wooden peg rack works great to store hair dryers, brushes and curling irons. Office or desk organizers can be a perfect way to sort and store make up, medicine and first aid items, or other toiletries. Keeping things labeled, sorted and grouped together will make finding things a breeze, even in the most hectic of mornings.

Around other areas of your home, simple items can make a big impact in organization. Different sized boxes – such as shoe boxes or check boxes – can be great for drawer dividers. Wine racks make a great place to stash magazines, newspapers or mail. Keep all instruction manuals together in a three ring binder for easy access.

Creating a place for everything (and keeping everything in its place!) will keep your home looking organized and fresh without added effort. Whether you repurpose items around your home or purchase a few new ones to help with your task, you will quickly see how easy organization can really be. A decluttered home is the best way to begin a new year!