Simple electrical issues can be done without calling your electrician. Little things like replacing a light fixture can be done by you, as long as you have the right know-how. Just remember, if anything seems wrong or you aren’t sure about the process, it’s better to be safe than sorry and you should call a professional for help!

Start by finding the right breaker or fuse for the fixture and turning it off. Double check it’s off by turning the light switch on and off several times. As long as the light stays off, you turned off the correct circuit. You can even check with a voltage tester by holding it near the fixture and checking for electric current.


Remove the existing fixture, carefully removing the nuts and pieces ensuring they don’t fall. Loosen the screws of the fixture pan and gently release it from the electrical box. Take off any electrical tape that may be wrapped around the connectors, then unscrew the connectors from the wires. You may need needle nose pliers to help you separate them.

If your new light fixture comes with a crossbar, screw it into place on the electrical box. Reconnect the wires accordingly, twisting them to ensure a proper connection. Place a wire nut over the connected wires and twist clockwise until snug. With the properly colored electrical tape, wrap each connector.

New light fixtures can breathe new light and new life into a dark, tired space! With a little of your time, you can transform an outdated space into a modern haven. As long as you follow the steps, and always ensure the fuse is turned off while you work, simple electric work can be done by you, avoiding the cost of an electrician visit.

If you have any questions or you need supplies like tape, connectors, or of course new fixtures, Friedman’s Experts are always ready to assist you with your home improvement adventures!