We should all have an emergency plan to follow in case of emergency like an earthquake. But what happens when you aren’t at home? Emergencies like a fire, someone breaking in, or even just forgetting to turn off the coffee pot. Friedman’s would like to introduce SwannOne home automation to help with those occasions and so much more.

SwannOne allows you to monitor and control your home from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.  More than just a security system, SwannOne turns your home into a smart home. Get notified if a window gets broken, a fire alarm goes off, if a door or window is opened, or if someone enters your home. The SwannOne Home Automation system allows you to:

  • See what’s going on in your home with video surveillance
  • Turn off appliances remotely
  • Monitor energy consumption
  • Turn on lights
  • Even turn up or down your heating and cooling before you get home

All from your smartphone or tablet.

Protecting your loved ones is now easy and doesn’t have to be expensive. The SwannOne is fully customizable for your needs. You can purchase one of their many different kits or buy the SwannOne accessories separately to create the best configuration for your home.

To further customize kits, you can also purchase other smart home products that connect with SwannOne, like using your video monitor and Kwikset locks you can check who is at the door and unlock it remotely.

Not only is the hardware customizable, but so is the Professional Monitoring On-Demand. You can have your home professionally monitored for a long weekend while you are away or all year round, SwannOne provides on-demand coverage to give you a peace of mind.

Come into Friedman’s Home Improvement and talk to one of our Expert Advisor, who can help you decide the best configuration based on your needs. We are here to help you protect your home and loved ones.