Tips and Tricks for Beautiful Roses

Do you ever take your dog or your family out for a stroll around the neighborhood and enjoy the beauty of your green-thumbed neighbor’s landscaping? We’ve noticed in our neighborhoods around Santa Rosa, Sonoma, and Ukiah, that there are some local yards that are tenderly manicured, thoughtfully landscaped, and covered with an artist’s palette of beautiful roses.

A beautiful yard is appreciated by practically everyone, and roses are a classic accent to any landscape. We realize that not everyone who browses our garden supply department are master gardeners. So, to get you started off on the right foot with your landscaping dreams and wishes, here are some tips and tricks for beautiful roses.

You can add life to your yard with Landscape roses (perfect for the novice gardener), Shrub roses, or Old Garden roses. Most anyone can successfully grow beautiful roses – all it takes is the love of gardening and a little time. Even the beginning gardener can start growing healthy roses if you pick the right species.

Here are some common types of roses to consider for your landscape:

● Landscape roses that are disease resistant, and require a little bit less maintenance.
● Climbing roses that are trained to grow upward like vines.
● Shrub roses are both long blooming, and disease resistant.
● Old Garden roses have a strong fragrant odor, are disease resistant and continue to bloom for months at a time.
● Modern roses are the result of cross breeding the hybrid tea with the polyanthus, and are long blooming, fragrant, and they are great for cutting.
● Miniatures roses have smaller blooms. They are great for indoor planting.

Here are some of the best ideas and tips for planting roses.

● Check with our staff at Friedman’s Home Improvement for the best type of roses to grow in your climate.
● When planting, you want to pick a spot that is well lit in the morning.
● Pick an area that has plenty of well drained soil.
● Organic matter like manure or lime helps to nourish the roots of your plants.
● The first 3-4 weeks after planting , you should water them often.
● Four weeks after planting, you should start soaking the bed every 2 weeks or so.
● Begin fertilization approximately 3 months after planting.
● Planting in the Spring is the best.
● Plant in an area that is well circulated with air.
● Dig a hole that is two times bigger than the amount of space that your roses take up.

If you have additional questions about roses or would like to attend a rose or gardening workshop, contact us at Friedman’s Home Improvement. For roses, plant food, tools, irrigation systems, gloves, and gardening supplies, visit us at Friedman’s Home Improvement online or at one of our Santa Rosa, Sonoma, or Ukiah stores, where you’ll get the lowest price and local advice.

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