Hardwood floors are beautiful, timeless and durable, though they do require some special care to maintain them throughout the decades. Luckily, wood floors don’t require any more time to clean than any other type of flooring and they’re really, quite easy to keep in shape.


Daily Cleaning

For daily cleaning, simply take a few minutes to quickly sweep up dirt and debris with a soft bristle brush or a dry microfiber mop. You can certainly use your vacuum on wood floors, but be sure to change the setting to bare floor so you can get closer contact to the floor and therefore more suction. You’ll want to sweep or vacuum on a daily or weekly basis to keep your wood floor clean.


Monthly Maintenance

Once a month use a wood floor cleaner, like Bona, to maintain that clean fresh shine. Do not use any tile or vinyl cleaning products on wood floors. These cleaners may strip the wood finish or stain your floors. Also avoid using a wet or steam mop. Any type of moisture can damage wood. If you have wood in your kitchen you may want to get an area rug at the kitchen sink to protect the wood flooring from water splashes.

For high traffic areas, like your front entryway or your door to the backyard, consider putting down a throw rug. This will help prevent mud, sticks and other debris from being tracked in, which could scratch your flooring. Furniture, like dining chairs, are likely culprits of scratches, so it’s worthwhile to invest in stick-on felt protectors for the legs of your furniture.

Sticky Situations

As in all things in life, there will be some accidents. Any liquids spilled can easily be wiped up with a dry cloth. In the case of sticky substances, like gum or candle wax, apply ice to harden the substance and gently scrape it away.

Wood flooring can withstand lots of wear and tear. They’ll last you many years before you’ll want to sand them down and refinish them. Wood flooring is strong, durable and beautiful. Follow these simple cleaning guidelines to maintain your wood floors and keep them looking great for years to come.