Use this calendar as a guide for caring for your roses throughout the year. Follow these guidelines and enjoy your gorgeous roses.


Why we prune:

  • Stimulate vigorous new growth
  • Replace old weak growth
  • Permits good air circulation
  • New growth is what bears flowers

January – February

  • Remove 1/3-1/2 of growth

Growing Season Pruning:

  • Cut flowers
  • Groom
  • Deadhead
  • Cut to a 5-leaflet leaf

July – August

  • Remove 1/3 of growth to generate growth for fall flowers


December – February

  • Apply dormant spray: horticultural oil & copper
  • Clean up all debris, leaves & prunings

April & Beyond


  • Use lady beetles and other predaceous insects
  • Jet of water
  • Horticultural oil
  • Neem oil

Mildew & Fungus:

  • Horticultural Oil
  • Monterey Complete Disease Control
  • Neem oil
  • Dry foliage after 12 noon
  • Keep debris cleaned up


February – March

  • Be gentle. Organic, dry, slow release fertilizers such as Down To Earth or liquid such as Max Sea
  • Moderate feeding is better to support growth and flowers
  • Fast, lush, soft growth can be more susceptible to disease and insects
  • Switch to bloom formulas or feed after each bloom cycle

Alfalfa Meal or Pellets:

  • Use throughout season to stimulate basal breaks, cane growth and more flowers
  • Stop feeding September – early October


Growing Season:

  • Once rains have stopped, irrigation should be deep and regular
  • Keep leaves dry after 12 noon
  • 5 gallons per week per rose, or wet to 16”-18”

Benefits of Mulch:

  • Water retention
  • Keep soil cool
  • Weed suppression
  • Encourage earthworm & microbes for crumbly soil
  • More oxygen in soil and better drainage