You may think that colder weather means you get to take a break from yardwork – but not completely! Preparing your orchards, trees and gardens for the upcoming season is important. Prevention is the best way to beat pests and disease from harming or destroying your yard. With dormant spraying, a quick application can help fight infestation before it starts.

Attacking pests and bugs in their dormant state is easier and often more successful than trying to get rid of them when they are active. By coating your trees and plants with an appropriate dormant spray, you can suffocate the insects and their eggs while they lie dormant in the cracks and crevices. If you experienced infestations last season, it’s important to take steps to ensure the health of your plants this year.

Depending on the type of disease or pest and the type of tree, you have different options of sprays to choose from, like copper based or oils. Getting the appropriate spray and applying it only to the previously infested plants is key to the overall health of your entire garden. Overspraying or spraying areas that are not threatened can kill the beneficial insects you want visiting your garden! Spray on mild days, without a threat of rain for 24 hours, and when the wind isn’t blowing too strong. This will ensure proper coverage and reduce the chance of wash off. Be sure to follow all manufacturer instructions and take caution as needed.

Taking preventative measures now can save you time and stress later this year. A quick spray during this resting season will help you avoid constant care and maintenance of infested trees in upcoming months. The Expert Advisors at Friedman’s can answer any questions you have regarding which sprays will be best for your trees and plants, as well as which ones can best fight the diseases or pests you’re battling. Stop on in and we’ll give you all the information you need about dormant spraying and how it can help your gardens and orchards this spring!